Recently, I’ve done a quick summary of public cloud usage among customers with whom I had worked before. This was a result of queries that we get from other clients who ask for consultancy in this area. My research confirmed what I somehow instinctively knew all along: the majority (i.e…

Are Your Core Systems Holding You Back?

All organisations are likely to have a portfolio of individual applications or a monolithic package such as an ERP, forming their core business systems. Many of these systems will have grown up over time, evolving and being patched to meet the organisation’s changing requirements and needs. These systems support the…

Accurate data visualisation is the key to understanding your data well enough to be able to draw valuable business conclusions, based on which you can make truly informed, strategic decisions.

Entire books have been written about how to visualise data properly, what to pay special attention to, how to avoid…


Our company values are the backbone of how we work. Our goal for the next 25 years is not straying from this path.

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